Spreading passion for art, showing new ways of creativity, creating a platform – this is the mission of
Mage – a printed online magazine.
Founded and based in THE artsy city of Germany – Berlin! 
We built a place for every kind of art split up in three sections. On one hand we provide a platform to present weekly beautiful pieces of art by various artist. On the other hand we give inspiration by presenting personal interviews with creative people. And last but not least we offer our printed online magazine where we collect the most outstanding contributions of the two categories above. 



With one passion to creativity they found each other out of a new perspective.

Christina from Austria, Salzburg still studying Art with profession into photography.

Dominic from Germany, Frankfut a.M coming from a photographers education he  changed his way to Business Psychology.

But you know, just a few sentences are too less to tell about it all.

There is a mood, a passion and a vision.